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Ok, not sure if this is going to work, but if you’d like to leave messages for any of us while we are away, post them in the comments below.

We will reply in the comments section as soon as possible!

27 thoughts on “Australia Message Board

  1. mum n dad n jade

    h! son glad you arrived safely bit of a sod about mogs case though. we kept up with the flights live on the web sites . hope your not too jet lagged . hope you will try the pacific rim food so you can tell me about it . see if you can do the skype thing, we cought auntie dot in her jim jams last night!! loved the pictures on the plane at least there werent sakes or bruce willis.!! have a good time and talk again soon mum

  2. Tom V

    Glad you got there OK, hope you’re having a good time guys. Enjoyed looking through the Polaroids, it’s made me want a camera now!

    Hope you can find time to keep me entertained at work with your “blog” Jim. See you at Sigur Ros when you get back

  3. Jim

    Mum – Mog’s finally got his case sent through, so all’s well. I’m not sure if i’m going to be able to get on skype, I might just get an international calling card or something. I’ll give you a ring as soon as Ive sorted one out, etc…

    Tom – haha get a polaroid 600 series while they are still going! films pricey, but so worth it – I can’t wait to show you the ones ive taken already. Sigur Ros is going to be awesome, I’ve already listened to them loads on the plane and that. Catch you laters bro.


  4. mum n dad n jade

    I must say you seem to be taking the presence of so much wild life very well jim! Loved the little possum can you smuggle one back but not too bothered about the massive bats ! Everything here ok dont let mat get eaten by the creepy crawleys hope to talk soon .Mum n Dad

  5. Mogs Mum

    Hi Mog and all

    Hope you are all well nd having a fantastic time

    Really pleased there’s been no more hicups and that you’ve finally got your clothes, if not a little late

    Have you used the camcorder yet, hope you’ve lots of film to watch

    Anyway things here are very quiet and very very tidy, but you’d expect that wouldn’t you

    Enjoy yourself and take care

    Lots of love

    Mum xxx

  6. mum n dad n jade

    hi jim hope everything is fine . Whats happend to the blogs then? hope you three havent been eaten by rampant funnel webs !!! send us a quick message if you can , but wait a minute, what was the name of that picturesque little town you were going to next, it wasnt WOLF CREEK was it!!p.s the mug cupboard is strangely full luv muv x

  7. Jim

    Sorry! Had no internet or phone all week. Ill do a big update soon when we’re back in the city.

    Mog’s got some great footage of the river festival fireworks (which were amazing) and I’ve managed to get my camera working again (digital) so expect some cool pictures soon.



  8. mum n dad n jade

    hi son thank god it was only man flu and not a bite from something large and reptilien. hope you are feeling better now and cant wait to see the photos. Is Ben coming out this weekend? me and dad are on holiday this week so as you would expect the weather here is dreadful, its the edges of the American hurricane apparently , hope you are having more sun . talk soon luv muv n Dad xx

  9. Jim

    Don’t think I didn’t think I’d been bitten by a jellyfish when I came down with it! The flu is going round apparently. I hope ben doesn’t catch it.

    Yeah, Ben will be here tomorrow morning (our tomorrow!). There was a bit of a storm on the coast, but for the most part its been warm and sunny.

    Going to fix tea – speak soon!


  10. Uncle T

    Hey Jim,
    Sounds like you’re having a fantastic time. What an adventure ! Saw the fireworks vid. The F1-11 was pretty awsome. Like a UFO ! The display was like the Festival of lights display they had at the beach when I was in Vancouver this year. I’ve got it on camera if you’re interested. What’s the music scene like over there ? Any good gig’s on offer ? Local bands ?

    Look forward to your next update. Don’t over do the Maccy D’s and KFC’s and watch out for those ‘Man o’war’ Jelly’s.

    Catch up with you later. Enjoy

    Uncle T (that’s not my Hip Hop rap name by the way !)

  11. Tom V

    Jim, what camera are you using for those photos? The one you bought in the ‘switch? They look fantastic! Glad you’re enjoying yourselves. The houses sound pretty epic, a jacuzzi?!

    It’s been raining heavily in Bristol, and England in general. Work’s still going pretty well, it’s nice to be spending money willy-nilly again. Might even buy myself a new computer soon as mine wouldn’t turn on yesterday.


  12. Jim

    Hey Uncle Ton, didn’t expect you to post on here! Yeah I’d like to see the Festival of Lights display, if its anything like the Riverfire one I bet its amazing. My mate’s got some really good footage of it on his HDD-Video camera thing, I’ll just have to encode it and upload it to youtube when I’ve got a moment.

    The music scene is pretty big here, the city is so massive it seems like there are a hundred gigs on every night (the entertainment listings papers are a joke). The style seems split between hard rock and college rock, we went to see a band called Jebediah (our friend Dave’s Wife’s favourite band) saturday night, they were pretty good.

    As for the wildlife – I’m more worried about the crazy land fauna than sea at the moment – We went to an aquarium which had a ‘creepy crawlies’ installation on, and it was unsettling how practically all the guides explainations began with ‘this is another you might find in your back yard’ while pointing at a giant millipede or a scorpion or something!


    Tom, haha – yeah it’s the very same sony camera. I thought it had had it when I was at the fireworks show, all the pictures were corrupted! A format fixed it though, it seems to be working alright for the time being. I reckon it was just the memory card or something. Having a decent level of light to work with makes practically all the photography I’ve done so far so much easier. I can’t wait to show you the ones I’ve taken with my SX-70 polaroid Land camera. We’re heading up to Fraser Island later in the week, so hopefully there are some amazing photo opportunities there!

    The houses have been pretty great so far, not a bad one among them. We splashed out on the jacuzzi house so that was easily the most crazy. Having said that, the one on the island in the last week has its own cinema room…

    Can’t wait for that week, I might finally be able to trump your playing-the-guitar-round-the-campfire-in-the-sand-dunes-in-cornwall photos with playing-the-guitar-round-the-campfire-in-the-sand-dunes-on-a-desert-island photos.

    Catch you all later!


  13. mum n dad n jade

    hi son glad ou seem to be feelin better i hope you are enjiying the beaches jacuzzis private cinemas etc while me and poor old dad are sorting out the garage in the pouring rain!! seriously though we are glad you’re havig a good time th fireworks were amazing ,, dad asks if the poloroid he fixed for you is working ok? Next sunday is Moon festival so we will all be at Yin Yin’s for a family meal hope you are trying loads of different foods that you can tell me about when you get back talk soon luv Muv XX

  14. Uncle T

    Hi Jim – Yeah, from my experience on that side of the world it tends to be either “American style hard rock” or “Hard rock American style” ! Doubt if you’ll get a ‘Jarvis Cocker’ or ‘Noah and the Whale’ type band, but then again you never know ?

    I take it you’re not going to fit Sydney into your tour schedule ? We could have compared notes. We probably can anyway as Brisbane sounds a lot like Sydney what with the sun, sea & sandy beaches, night (and day) life, animals, food, drink, skyscraper buildings etc. Like you I was worried about finding funnel spiders and exotic wildlife where I stayed too. I think I remember telling you about waiting for my takeaway curry in a Cairns restaurant and watching the odd baby lizard currying up the walls ! Freaked me out but no one else battered an eyelid in the restaurant. Also saw one of those big fat witchity grubs things on the roadside too.

    If Brisbane’s got a Chinatown, then I reckon they’ll be celebrating the Moon festival like we will be at Yin Yin’s. Look out for some good Dim Sum Restaurants although they might get fully booked this Sunday.

    Keep takin’ those Kodak snaps. Well expect pics from the campfire gig too !
    Keep kicking.
    Uncle T

  15. Jade

    Hiya Jim. As if you held a Koala! Mum doesnt believe me that they are psychic. Hope your feeling better, im beechams powered up to the eyeballs too. Hope youve got some cool polaroid pictures.
    Harold left Neighbours by the way, just in case you didnt know and bumped into him or something and was like, hey, hows ramsy street.

    See you soon anyways,

  16. Laura

    Hey Jim and everyone,

    I want to hold a Koala. I am so jealous :(.

    Glad Ben got there safely. I am jealous of everything you arseholes!


  17. mum n dad n jade

    Hi Jim crikey mate!! that was a fair bonzer day out at the zoo. Squid!! Squid! since when do you eat squid? It all sounds great though, I am right jealous of you eating the fancy steak thats something i’ve always wanted to try. Never mind, me nd Dad went to the INN@troway last night and had a great meal of locally sourced dishes. I also got a little treat for you to await your return, yes I finally managed to track down a packet of Henderson Relish crisps!! ahhh Hendos!! bet you can’t wait? wagayu beef Pahh!! luv Muv x

  18. mum n dad n jade

    Hi JIm WOW!!! what a fabulous place !! it looks stunning . It looked good on Google earth but we can’t wait to see the photos. Hope you are taking care though, you know how me and Dad are about flying, please lets not have to do an emergency dash, Dad does’nt have a sedoku difficult enough to last 28 hours. When you get the chance can you let us know when you acctualy get back to England.Enjoy the rest of the holiday, luv Muv n Dad xx