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I’ll get a Wimpy…

I’ll get a Wimpy…

A few weeks ago, Mehreen flew out to L.A. to see me, which I was really looking forward to. I’ll probably make another post about that, but in the meantime, bask in the glory of us crossing off a pretty epic (and esoteric) entry in our to-do list.

To give a little background, the first time I met Mehreen, we hit it off by somehow getting on to the topic of Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace (long-time readers will know this is my favourite show of all time). From the earliest days of our relationship, we said we would one day have to make Egg in Soup (from the 6th episode, Hell Hath Fury).

So we did.

Note: anyone puzzled, frightened or annoyed about the concept of an Egg in Soup, please see:

So we set out to test this most genius of ideas here in Los Angeles. This was to provide it’s own set of challenges, as there was no chance we were going to get our hands on a Pork Pie or Sausage Roll. Thus, we set out to make our own sausage roll – a lofty mission which was almost scuppered until Trader Joe’s came through for us with puff pastry at the 11th hour:

Mehreen took to the job of making the sausage roll with consummate professionalism:

The choice of soup was a complex one. In the show, the soup pictured is clearly cream of tomato, which gave us the basis for our selection, however the staple Tomato soup – Heinz – was a) difficult to get hold of in L.A. and b) too thick to necessarily poach an egg in or reach the required temperature (without spoiling). We decided that Cambells Condensed Tomato soup would suit us nicely – thin enough (when you add the water) to boil nicely for the poaching:

Not that you can tell, but we actually put a swirl in the soup to try and keep the egg together. As Ben will attest, my poached-egg game is not strong, so getting a decent result from tomato soup was a particularly great win.

The end result was pretty great if I say so myself (it wasn’t as greasy, or as plain disgusting as it might first appear – honestly, it was pretty nice!):

Hope this didn’t weird you out too much,


P.S. To compliment my Hendersons Relish, I picked up some Lea and Perrins Worcestershire Sauce. What I wasn’t prepared for was the unbelievably over the top packaging for it over here:

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