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You're the city of the angels, yes indeed.

You're the city of the angels, yes indeed.

I’m off to work for a month in L.A, in just under an hour and a half. I bet I’ve forgotten to pack something important. Like my passport.

I’ll post properly when I’ve got a moment and some photos or something to share, right now I’m struggling enough to stay awake as it is.

Work has been pretty exhausting lately, lots of on-sites and late nights. The overtime is nice though, hopefully it’ll pay off come the summer when we’re planning to visit Reykjavic and NYC, go camping and spend some time doing some proper photo stuff.

I passed my driving test back in January so I’m hoping to get a car and start racking up some road trips, get some use out of my cameras and that. First on the list is the video for Tom V’s latest song Mendocino Sky – we’re planning to shoot a Super8 music video to accompany it. I’ve got my hands on a Canon AutoZoom 814 which should do the job nicely.

I’m not sure it’s fully sunk in that in 24 hours I’m going to be in the states, it’s a long journey…

Post soon.


One thought on “You're the city of the angels, yes indeed.

  1. Laura

    Exiciting! Hope you get time to actually see the place and not just work work work. By the way, titface, I miss you! Haven’t heard from you in ages and was worried Ben had murdered you and was wearing you as a dress. 🙁

    Let me know when you’re back pleasey! Also, if you have time, give me an email suckaa.

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