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Japan Super8 Film

Japan Super8 Film

I got the Super8 film back from the developers yesterday, just in time for me popping home for the weekend (where my projector is) – I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one, we didn’t spend much time in front of the camera in Japan (unlike Oz) and I’d actually totally forgotten what I’d filmed at all.

It turned out pretty great I think, these things never get old to me. After a complete nightmare converting the captured video off my Ixus 870 IS, here it is:

[media id=6 width=500 height=375]

A really great trip. One day I’ll get round to sorting all the photos out…

[If you want to download it and watch it larger, right-click and save as here. You can view it in VLC media player.]


One thought on “Japan Super8 Film

  1. Mike Jones

    Fantastic video… Really hit a spot with me. Real nice feel to it, music is interesting too – Thought it was that José Gonzales (or whatever his name is) at first..

    What hand-held was it shot on? great GREAT film!

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