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For a while I’ve been thinking about getting some photos printed for my flat, although I’m anxious to avoid clichés. A while ago I came across a load of my Dads old photos from the 70’s (incidentally taken on the Mamiya Sekor 500TL I’ve lately inherited) – they are on small 3.5″ x 2.5″ stock and some have the month and year printed on the bottom. It occured to me that it might be interesting to make a composite of these with my other prints instead of using any purely digital photos. I’m leaving the borders of the images on to emphasise that they are photographs, not just images – plus some are a bit dog-eared which I think makes them pretty cool. I’m going to have the black and white to colour gradient run from left to right (which should work out nicely with the B&W polaroids I took in Japan letting me spread the B&W side out a bit more to the right).

If the composite image looks promising I’m intending to have it printed on one of Photobox’s 110x47cm panoramic canvases ( for about 100 quid. Photobox customer support told me that they print the larger canvases at 254dpi, so quality shouldnt be an issue unless the surface is really rough. Here’s the prototype arrangement so far:


I scanned them at very high resolution and post-produced them in Lightroom to correct the contrast and alignment. I’m assembling them in GIMP which seems to be at least as straightforward as photoshop and seems to be able to handle the massive resolution nicely on my Dell laptop. I’m still experimenting with the layout – essentially it’s a photo collage so I might overlay select photos on the top as focal points.

I imagine this is fairly boring for anyone reading this, it’s just it takes a fair bit of effort to scan and process these things so I want to share the misery.


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