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Updates, Photos and that.

Updates, Photos and that.

I thought I better update now before I actually become too apathetic to live. Whenever I return from a trip I always feel enthusiastic and energetic, why does it have to wear off?

Anyway, I’ve been steadily going through all the photos we took in Japan and have put in the groundwork on a new portion of my site:


This is actually a seperate blog running a rather nice photoblogging theme – perfect for my fairly sporadic creative malarkies. I’ve uploaded a fair few photos from the first couple of days in Tokyo to work out the kinks. It’s not perfect but I think it’s a lot more visually interesting than the usual gallery type thingys. This way I can put finished articles of photoprojects, etc… up on there nicely presented, and talk about the more matter of fact stuff on here. I’ll link to it heavily when anything goes on, so those who INSIST on using RSS feeds needn’t worry about having to add another blog to their sinful pile.

Other than this, life is pretty much as it always is. I’m going to put every piece of my vintage camera collection to use soon as I’m beginning to annoy myself with laziness. I’m sure I can find comrades to help me with some good ideas for projects. I sent off the reel of Super8 to the Widescreen Centre to be developed, so now I’m just revelling in the sweet anticipation of the glorious jiffybag in a fortnight (or more, bloody postal strikes). I dunno if this movie will be as epic as the Oz one, they were 2 very different trips afterall. Frankly I’ll be pleased if it even exposed at all!

Hello MogiUm,  so thats more or less it – I found the image on the left knocking around my My Pictures folder and it reminded me that I’ve not spoken to Mog this week – If you’re reading this Mog I hope you’re not dead and that. Because that would mean you’d be reading this from beyond the grave, and I don’t think even Google Analytics could register that hit. -1 views a day is too much for my ego to take!


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