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Kaze Wo Atsumete

Kaze Wo Atsumete


One of the things Ben and I had said we’d really like to do in Tokyo is visit the New York Bar at the top of the Park Hyatt hotel (the bar in Lost in Translation)…so we did.

The hotel is extremely nice, easily the most incredible hotel I’ve ever seen. You have to get the lift to the 42nd floor and walk across to another set of lifts through a library, then another lift to a lounge and restaurant floor, then another to  the New York Bar and restaurant. The view as you get out of the lift is amazing (the photo above was actually taken from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office, the Tokyo Park Hyatt is in the top quarter of the largest of the 3 buildings in the left-hand side of the photo. The 52nd floor is the highest floor of that building).

When we arrived there was a jazz 4-piece performing who were extremely good, as the night progressed each took a turn soloing and were each clearly very talented.

I ordered a glass of Ballantine 17 year aged scotch to sip and take in the bar and music; the drink menu was an experience in itself – a Hennessy cognac was 24600 yen, or £165 in real money. Our bill came to £120 (¥18000) for 6 drinks, a price that (me and Ben at least) think was worth the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hang out in such an incredible place. It’s a bit smaller than I remember from the film, though!


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