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In 21 hours and 22 minutes I’ll be setting off to Heathrow with Mat and Ben to jet off to Japan.

I’ve wanted to go to Japan for a while; the culture is fascinating to me, not least as a result of all the Haruki Murakami books I’ve read. It seems that on one hand you have a media-driven hyper-modern consumerist culture, and in the other one a society rooted in Japans rather colourful history.

In a way I’m surprised how much it interests me, the exaggerated and practically cartoonish cultural idiosyncrasies are (to a lesser extent) the sort of thing I despise in western culture. To me, it’s almost like a symptom of the cognitive dissonance between the new and old – the strange places in-between that flit from the lonely alienation despite living in some of the most densely populated cities on earth to swimming with the tide of pure bright lights and hype. In case you’re wondering, I loved Lost In Translation.

We’ll be meeting Mog at our hotel in Shinjuku, he set off this morning for the start of his tour of the east and down-under (which you can keep up with HERE). We’ll be staying in Tokyo, a Ryokan by Mt Fuji, Kyoto, Osaka and day-tripping to Nara, Kamakura and Nikko along the way.

I can’t wait to see the sights and get the opportunity to use all my cameras in such an interesting setting. I’m taking my DSLR, Canon IXUS 870IS, Polaroid Supercolor SE 670 AF and Canon AF310XL Super-8 Cinecam. I might take a film 35mm SLR too, and I’d really like to take my Polaroid Auto-100, although the weight makes them a bit iffy. I’ve got a ton of black and white packfilm for the Auto-100 that I’m dying to use, so I think I can probably persuade myself… Thinking about it, it’s been so long since I used the Super 8, I can’t actually remember how it works.

I’ll be updating the blog while I’m away with photos and bits about what we’re upto, if you’re at all interested.

Top of the agenda: Freak Ben out by going to a Maid Cafe.


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