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A Sunset Over Leeds

A Sunset Over Leeds

I took this with my tripod from our apartment balcony the other night. I ended up using Quicktime Pro to arrange and encode the video as windows movie maker really let itself down in terms of quality.

Also, it was a good test of my re-written intervalometer script which is more compatible with the Canon Ixus 870IS in that it disables the backlight instead of calling a ‘display’ keypress (which on Canon P&S’s with optical viewfinders would normally turn the display off). It seems the 300ms delay is fine for normal light shooting, however when the sun had completely gone down the longer exposure time impinged on the script execution and the shutter cycle turns the backlight back on. I’m going to put in a user-customisable delay so that you can alter it for the conditions you’re in (unless I can think of some clever way to do it automatically). I’ll post the code on here when I’ve cracked it.


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