The Memoirs of Jim 'ung

Jape-mie Middleton.

Jape-mie Middleton.

Mog decided to come clean tonight about a ‘jape’ perpetrated a year ago. He suggested I read back through my early Australia Blog posts, whereupon I came across this unnoticed gem:

“As a side note I also saw Mat in just his underwear tonight.. all I can say is hot! I can’t wait to ‘tap that’ when we have to share a room during the third week!”

Now, I don’t exactly know what to think of this. I haven’t noticed it in 12 whole months and multiple reads, and so either no-one else noticed it either (unlikely?) or they read it, arched their eyebrows, and daren’t bring it up in conversation since. Just to clarify, much to one Bahrainian man’s dismay, my breads strictly butter-side up, and even if it weren’t I’m way out of Mats league.

Kids, this is why you should never leave your computer unattended.

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