The Memoirs of Jim 'ung

Fast Times at Guidance Software High

Fast Times at Guidance Software High


I’ve spent the week training in sunny Slough. I’ve enjoyed it so far, the course is interesting and I’ve found it surprising how rewarding it is to put what I know already into practice on the example evidence files (which are carefully engineered and are pretty rewarding to dig into). It’s made me a bit more enthusiastic about learning the EnScripting language, I think as my experience grows I could write some pretty handy modules if I had the time.

I can’t say much about the next few weeks, but suffice it to say I think they’ll be very interesting. Either way I’m not going to be around to write boring blog entries on here, which will probably be noticed by about 2 people.

Which also means I’m not going to be around for my birthday on wednesday, which kind of sucks.


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