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New Camera: Polaroid Automatic 100

New Camera: Polaroid Automatic 100

My new pride and joy.

So I bought a new pack-film Polaroid the other day off ebay for unconscionable amounts of money. I came across the auction by accident but it appealed to me as it’s one of the first guaranteed working examples I’ve seen and came with the #581 Portrait Kit, the #583 Close-Up Kit and (supposedly) the #268 flashgun.

Annoyingly I ended up having to pay duty on it (it was shipped from the US) but that frustration was quickly forgotten by the time I took the first few pictures with it on saturday afternoon:

Some flowers in my back garden, with the close-up lens attachment.

A pint in The Washington, with the portrait lens attachment.

Some stencil grafitti near Rare & Racy on Devonshire St.

Laura in the Devonshire Cat, with the portrait lens.

An engraving on Barkers Pool which I’d never noticed before. I didn’t really get why only some letters were accentuated with red, like it was some sort of code or something. ‘TSGGWBBCSLS’. No idea. Portrait Lens.

Really pleased with how they turned out, the action of the camera is very smooth and everything seems to be in pretty good order. The electronic eye seems a little lazy but thats pretty easy to compensate for with a slight nudge on the darken/lighten wheel. The construction of the camera is much better than the Auto 103 I have, with the body being metal construction (and so even heavier than the 103…) and seemingly more sturdily built (or perhaps just in better repair) than the 103.

For the first pack I’ve put through it I’ve just used Fuji FP-100c Silk (Silk = Matte finish) which is all I have to hand, I’m planning on buying some regular 100c and maybe some 3000b (black and white, ISO 3000). Ultimately I want to try some image transfers which looks like it could be a bit of a rollercoaster – first I need some good quality un-sized paper like Arches 88 (about £3.50 a sheet) and then get hold of some Polaroid 690 film (could be a nightmare and pretty pricey). Fuji transfers are possible it seems, so I might try that first.

Now I’m just hoping for some good weather (jinx!) to get some nice high contrast pictures for it!


6 thoughts on “New Camera: Polaroid Automatic 100

  1. Tom

    I think the red letters are capital letters. Those photos have a great feel, i’m very jealous of your absurd camera collection. Thanks again for the polaroid loan! I will get mine in the post today

  2. Jim

    Capital Letters, good point. I still think it’s some sort of Illuminati secret cypher, like in some amazing Dan Brown book*.

    *I watched the Da Vinci code yesterday and as far as I’m concerned Dan Brown owes me 2 hours of my life back and Ron Howard should be ashamed.

  3. Jim

    No, it’s not Robin. Don’t forget I’ve seen the photos. Yours is an Automatic 103, which I also have, which is rather different than this Auto 100 in that this is all-metal construction, has a scene-selector as well as support for 75, 150, 300 and 3000 ISO film and has a tripod mount. The Auto 100 was a top-line model at the time, the 103 was a cheap version, which is why yours is knackered and my 103 took a lot of work to get going. Granted they are the same series, but if you had them side by side as I do, you’d see the difference.

    Paul, Tom Hanks has burned all his credit with me that he earned with Big and Apollo 13 with the hell that is The Da Vinci Code. I want to see the new one if just to laugh at the sheer hilariousness of the plot and the acting!

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