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P to the O to the L to the A to the R.O.I.D.S

P to the O to the L to the A to the R.O.I.D.S

Just some scans of polaroids I’ve taken lately. I’ve not had much time to go and only take some photos so I’ve had to make do with carrying my SX-70 (which up till now has been a bit underutilised since I got back from Oz!). I’ve added them to the ever growing flickr pile.

I took one on my wander through the park the other day on my Automatic 103. It was very cold and the sun was going down, so getting a sharp exposure was impossible (but I tried anyway):

Not perfect, but the cow didn’t seem to mind at the time and I thought it was a pretty fun picture when it had developed. Just a shame that the matte finish is a nightmare to scan! When this film pack is done I’m going to work on the rollers a bit more, in darker photo’s you can see some banding. I’m wondering if this is because the springy joint that pushes the rollers together is a bit corroded and isn’t putting even pressure on the rollers.

Lastly, not the best polaroid in the world (it was indoors and far too dark to expect a decent exposure – artificial lights + gloom = shaky gloomy polaroid) but I really liked what it was of, so I took a picture. It was part of an art installation in the Graves gallery which consisted of a number of passages written as though by the characters of famous folk stories and fairytales, asking for advice in their lives. There were a load of pegs underneath and a stack of card for people to write replies and peg them up underneath.

I can’t remember precisely what the parent passage said, but it was from a young woman who wasn’t finding any satisfaction or happiness in her needlework which she was particularly talented in, and was asking for ways to find some joy in her life.

The card I photographed reads: “your new hobby should be writing or running or going out every day to playing on the beach – Sophie“, which I think is some great advice for everyone.

– Jim

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