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Cold is comfort, comfort is cooo-oOOo-ooOOooold

Cold is comfort, comfort is cooo-oOOo-ooOOooold

I’m so ridiculously behind I’m not even going to try and catch up completely. Between work, commuting and sleep, I’ve not had much time to post here or do much else! The upshot of which is that you needn’t worry about many more-boring-than-normal catch up posts.

So yeah, it’s been really cold lately and the snow made the commute a complete nightmare. Amazingly the trains mostly ran ok, but the roads and buses were a complete joke. The moors looked pretty great out of the window at sunrise with the blanket of snow, though. On the monday that it was worst, I ended up having to walk back from Heeley Retail Park, which was a complete ordeal as my shoes have literally no grip whatsoever so I had to make my way up to my sisters flat and borrow some of Michaels trainers (size 9…I’m size 11) to trudge home up Derbyshire Lane.

The weathers taken it’s toll on me really, it made an already rather draining commute that much worse – I’ve been getting in and just having zero energy to do anything. Shouldn’t be too long before I’ve sorted a flat with Ben though, he’s already told his landlord he won’t be staying past the end of the month, so we’re on a bit of a timer now!

I met up with Laura for a wander around town and that last weekend. We ended up going to the Wig and Pen for lunch and met Mike (a schoolfriend) who is a chef there. I had the Wig and Pen steak and blue cheese sandwich, which was really nice. Laura had the wild boar sausages and mash which looked pretty great too. I got off the bus a few stops early so I could walk back through the park and take some photos:

– Jim

P.S the title is from a Slow Club song.

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