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New Job

New Job

So I started my new job in Leeds on the 5th, and so far it’s been pretty good. Given the nature of the job, discretion is the name of the game, so I’m not really going to go into detail about my work on here.

I’ve been commuting while me and Ben can get a flat or something sorted soon – I’ve been looking at some promising places in the city and in the slightly further out Chapel Allerton and Headingly areas. The commute isn’t that bad, about an hour on the train either way, with no major hiccups so far (fingers crossed!). Works out as just enough time to read the Metro cover to cover – I love how many of the news items are really obviously googled. It almost annoys me how much media essentially gets it’s content from free web sources, eg. shows like E4’s Rudetube (just videos off YouTube). It’s such a cheap way to produce anything, the metro always has a load of articles which are just ‘check this video out on youtube’. Having said that, I imagine newspapers need all the help they can poach off the net, seeing as its free and widely available high-quality content will have hurt newspaper’s business badly, I’d have thought.

Sorry, diverged a bit there. So yeah, predictably I’ve been doing the donkey work in the office – decent working experience of the processes of the office and job coupled with training and qualifications in forensics is essential for me before stepping into my full responsibilities. The office is a great change of pace from my last job, the atmosphere in the office is much more my speed and there’s none of the grey and melancholy of good old Adastral Park (in my opinion). I’m really excited about what lays ahead in the coming weeks and months.

The payslip I got yesterday morning was a nice surprise too, I was expecting to work a month in hand. My days as a scrounging student are officially over…

– Jim

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